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If you are a student in Bangladesh looking for a reliable and affordable laptop, then pre-owned laptops can be a great option for you. In this article, we will review the experience of a customer who purchased a refurbished laptop from We will explore the quality of the laptop, its performance, and its compatibility with high-speed networks. Read on to discover why pre-owned laptops can be a smart choice for students in Bangladesh.

Unpacking and Initial Impression

After receiving the laptop, the customer carefully examined the unit and was pleasantly surprised. Despite being a refurbished model, the laptop appeared to be brand new with no scratches or dents. The cleanliness of the laptop was also impressive, leaving the customer highly satisfied with their purchase.

Setting Up Windows 10 Pro

Setting up the laptop with Windows 10 Pro was a breeze for the customer. They were particularly pleased with the lightning-fast 10 G network over Thunderbolt. The combination of an i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and Thunderbolt worked seamlessly, allowing the customer to complete the setup process in just a few minutes. To ensure the safety of their data, the customer imaged the drive to their NAS before proceeding.

Upgrading to Windows 11 Pro

The customer decided to upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, and the process was flawless. They were impressed by the error-free upgrade and the enhanced features of the new operating system. Utilizing a Sonnettech Solo 10 G SFP+ Thunderbolt connection, the customer experienced incredible speed. Reinstalling their software was a quick and error-free process, further adding to their satisfaction. The customer highly recommends this seller for their efficient service and excellent products.

Optimizing the Laptop for Personal Use

Although the 14″ screen was deemed too small for the customer’s preference, they found a solution by connecting the laptop to a 27″ Samsung curved monitor through the HDMI port. This arrangement provided the perfect display size for their needs. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB 3.1 hub with three ports proved to be helpful when facing limited connection options.

Keyboard Performance and Maintenance

The customer noticed that three keys on the keyboard required some attention as they were not responding correctly. However, after cleaning them with a Q-tip, the keys functioned properly. The customer was pleased with this simple solution and continued to use the laptop without any further issues.

One Month Update: Rigorous Testing and High-Speed Network Compatibility

After a month of rigorous office work and testing the laptop’s compatibility with high-speed networks, the customer has nothing but praise for its performance. The laptop seamlessly connected to their 10 Gb network and was able to complete a full laptop NVMe drive image in an impressive time of under 7 minutes. Even after the upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, the system continued to run smoothly.

Final Recommendation

In conclusion, if you are a student in Bangladesh in need of a reliable and fast laptop, consider purchasing a pre-owned laptop from This customer’s experience highlights the quality and efficiency of their products. With fast delivery and good quality laptops, this seller is highly recommended. However, it is important to act quickly as their laptops are selling out fast. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a high-performing laptop at an affordable price.


Pre-owned laptops can be an excellent choice for students in Bangladesh who are looking for affordable yet reliable devices. This review of a refurbished laptop from demonstrates the impressive quality and performance of pre-owned laptops. With the right specifications and compatibility with high-speed networks, these laptops are perfect for students who need to complete their tasks efficiently. Consider purchasing a pre-owned laptop and experience the benefits for yourself.

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